Powerful, Punchy Post-Weight Living
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I give 

"Healthy Living"  Actual Life, When The World Much Rather You Disappear. 

Russ Lane | Chef, Writer.  Maintenance Advocate.  Relentlessly Pleasant.


Lively Food. Poignant Storytelling. Unfettered Adventurousness. Bare-Knuckled Optimism.

After a 200-pound weight loss twelve years ago, Russ Lane was caught between conflicting views of food, cooking, body image, and weight, and discovered the answers in the aspects of life atrofied by the demands of both obesity and dieting. He made a cooking style  all his own that landed him in the kitchens of New Orleans and in front of cameras in New York. All that's typical "weight loss success story" talk. 

What doesn't get mentioned as often are only 6 percent of people who lose weight keep it off within three years despite the diet industry was last estimated at $64 in the U.S. alone. Russ realized for all the cacophony of know it alls and know-nothings talking about losing weight, few make any attempt supporting people after the fact adjust to a new life and move forward. "Keeping weight off" doesn't just happen and neither does -- all cliches aside -- adjusting your lifestyle. Combining the science of obesity with the art of living provided unlikely answers, and even more unlikely results. 

What life, post-weight actually means, and what we can do about it, is the guiding force of WKIO's words, recipes and videos, its public appearances and private functions. We provide practical inspiration and food for thought in whatever form we need to.

Those are the people we champion and support: when dieting tells us what to do but not how to live, we dare to  make sure "healthy living" has some actual life.