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Russ Lane proves that a real diet is about understanding, respecting, and truly enjoying high-quality, well-made real food. By paradoxically merging the world of foodies and dieters, he’s found the sweetest of sweet spots for which everyone has been longing.
— Anne Bramley, “Eat Feed Autumn Winter: 30 Ways to Celebrate When the Mercury Drops”




Here we explore the concepts and techniques of food designed to break vicious cycles. Unlike many in the culinary world, I have zero childhood nostalgia for food. Food was a struggle and a frustration, an anesthetic and an obstacle. 

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But cooking doesn't have to mired in tyranny, snobbery, binge eating triggers or even the bloodless grasp of controlled dieting.  After half my life spent dominated by food, now ingredients bends to my will and my vision for how beautiful this world can be if we embrace it. At any weight.

It's an honor to help foster those lessons in others and witness the resulting transformation (physical, culinary and otherwise). Sure, my food's colorful and peppy, but make no mistake -- cooking's implications on your life are immeasurably powerful.