Russ has mastered the art of sustainable weight loss by combining complex flavors into simple, easy to create dishes that are delicious and healthy, and his enthusiasm is contagious. He has a powerful influence over foodies, weight maintainers and those aspiring for a healthier life.
— Valerie Dickerson MS, RD, LDN, Staff Dietician at Wellspring at Structure House


What's "keeping it off" actually mean? It's far more -- and more rewarding -- than trite cliches ever prepared us.


We've all heard "Losing weight easy (as if!), it's keeping it off that's the challenge." Yet no one tells you what that actually means -- or even how to find your own answers. No wonder winning the war on obesity's so hard. Society only focuses on half the battle.

We spent a decade weaving through the morass of body image politics, diet industry marketing, evidence-based research, huge existential questions and very practical adjustments to bring awareness and practical support with one mission in mind -- despite all the "success story" hoopla, empower women and men to create a life in which weight loss is the least of their successes and it's attainable to more than 6 percent of people who lose weight.

Russ accomplished that largely through exploring the nuances of food and redefining them, but his story speaks to the indicators and patterns of those like him, hidden in plain sight in a world that's still understanding obesity and size prejudice. Through weaving together existing research and the practical realities of women and men who are way ahead of the science, we examine the unforeseen successes, challenges and how to address them -- on your terms.